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In Raleigh, North Carolina, Greene Psychology Group provides a range of psychological counseling and therapy services designed to help adults, adolescents and children overcome personal struggles, behavioral problems and mental health conditions. We are presently accepting new patients for in-person, teletherapy and online visits. Our well-trained and highly experienced therapists provide accurate diagnosis and effective treatment planning according to your individual mental health needs. In fact, we can help you live a healthier and more fulfilling life through therapeutic guidance and support. 

More than one-fourth of all American adults experience a mental health condition in a given year, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. Psychotherapy also helps people deal with relationship problems, loss of employment, a loved one's death, everyday or extreme stress and substance abuse.

Psychotherapy, also called talk therapy or counseling
Teletherapy or online counseling
Anxiety treatment
Depression treatment
Stress management
Anger management
Trauma therapy
Regardless of your treatment needs, your therapist at Greene Psychology Group uses only scientifically proven methods shown to lead to a healthier and more effective lifestyle. This treatment relies on collaboration between you and your therapist as you engage in dialogue within a supportive environment. You can trust your therapist to always remain objective and non-judgmental. They work with you as a team to help you change your negative thought and behavioral patterns into healthy ones.

Going gives you the chance to solve big problems in your life. You also learn new healthy coping skills for a less challenging future. As a result, you better achieve short-term and long-term goals.

Do I need therapy or counseling?

There are many myths about psychotherapy. These common misbeliefs often make people reluctant to seek the help they need. But you should never hesitate to receive the treatment that can result in an improved quality of life, healthier thought patterns and more productive behaviors. In essence, counseling can help you make your life what you want it to be through your therapist's help.

There are many reasons to turn to a therapist for guidance and support. Maybe you feel anxious, depressed or overwhelmed in daily life. Or, maybe you have anger or resentment about past experiences. You could even have a chronic mental health problem for which you need diagnosis and treatment. Many people talk to a mental health counselor because they struggle with the stress of divorce, parenting, loss of employment or a loved one's death.

Signs that psychotherapy could benefit you include:
• You feel overwhelmed, helpless or sad
• You struggle to improve your life, achieve goals or overcome problems
• You cannot maintain concentration on tasks as you should
• You no longer enjoy favorite pastimes or activities
• You worry too much, expect problems or feel edgy

Methods of Psychotherapy

There are a wide variety of methods used and your therapist can develop your treatment plan using one or multiple approaches. This plan is a roadmap to helping you work past your problems to a healthier, happier and more fulfilling way of life.

There are multiple factors involved in determining which method will work best for you. Your licensed therapist uses their training and experience to make these decisions, as well as current research in their field and your individual needs.

Your psychotherapy may focus more on talking and counseling, versus specific homework or activities. This talk approach is typically humanistic or psychoanalytic. Your therapist might ask you about your childhood or past experiences to better understand your current problems.

Other methods stem from more information gathering, such as through journaling of your thoughts, behaviors and reactions. Or you may receive homework assignments from your counselor, such as reading assignments or specific tasks to complete.

Some psychotherapy involves only an individual in one-on-one counseling with their therapist. This therapy works to solve the individual's problems or improve aspects of their life. But for other situations, family therapy or marital counseling work best. These approaches involve multiple members of the same household working together to solve problems shared within the family unit.

What makes a Licensed Therapist the right choice for me?

Licensed therapists are highly trained for accurate assessment of mental health problems, making diagnoses and treating patients for behavioral change. These professionals achieve a four-year university degree from an accredited college or university, then spend more years in graduate education and training. Their training includes a supervised clinical internship before they are qualified to see patients on their own. Through this combined education, training and experience, they hold the qualifications and skill to provide you with the best course of treatment.

Of course, therapists also must pass field exams and obtain state licensing. They must maintain these credentials through continuing education. These laws ensure you only receive psychotherapy from qualified individuals who meet very specific and stringent state requirements. As in most states today, North Carolina permits your psychologist or other therapist to provide online or teletherapy visits using privacy-protective methods. This means you can see your therapist in person in their office, or from the privacy of your own home or office.

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If you have personal struggles or specific mental health concerns, you only need to contact a qualified therapist to start receiving the counseling treatment you need. In Raleigh, North Carolina, Greene Psychology Group offers a wide range of services under the leadership of an experienced psychologist. Call us today at 919-205-5339 to schedule your in-person, teletherapy or online therapy visit.
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