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Am I Depressed?

Am I Depressed?

Depression is a complex mental health condition, one that can radically change your life before you realize what is happening. If you keep asking yourself, "Am I depressed," it is time to consider the signs of this common problem. You also need to understand the condition's root causes and where you can find help.

Below are some key signs that you are depressed and need qualified support and treatment to get your life back on track.

Deep Loneliness

Everyone feels lonely at one time or another. But when depressed, this loneliness grows because of how you isolate yourself. If you find yourself unable to connect with others or lacking the desire to interact with even the people you care most about, it is time to seek help. Through therapy, you can get beyond the question, "Am I depressed" and start working on recovery.


As mentioned above, people with depression tend to isolate themselves. This isolation is one of the most common signs of being depressed. Do you find yourself avoiding hanging out with friends and family? Do you prefer being in your own room or home, away from others? Cutting yourself off from the people you care about feeds depression. Before it grows too deep, it is important to seek support from a Raleigh area therapist you trust.

Poor Self-Care

Self-care is one of the first things to slide when depressed. You lose energy for even the most minor daily tasks, including things that make yourself feel better. You stop eating right, fulfilling daily household responsibilities and caring for yourself as you should. Maybe you stop taking a daily shower or even brushing your teeth. Or, perhaps you let laundry pile up and stop caring about how you look to others around you. 

If you find yourself doing these things and asking, "Am I depressed," you probably need to schedule some time with a therapist. Therapy provides multiple pathways to feeling better and coping with symptoms of depression.

Lack of Sleep

If you are feeling depressed, you stop being able to sleep as you should. Eventually, you may sleep in the daytime and stay awake all night. This disrupted sleep cycle only exacerbates the feelings of depression and negatively affects your sense of well-being. It isolates you from others who maintain their regular daily routine. It is also a clear sign that the answer to "am I depressed" is "yes."

You Sleep Too Much

Besides a disrupted sleep cycle, sleeping too much is another sign you are depressed. You may find that you prefer sleep over just about any other daytime activity. Sleeping all day disrupts your routine and makes it hard to take good care of yourself and your relationships. This isolates you further. It also makes it clear you need to work with a therapist to get back on track and stop feeling depressed.

Feeling Numb

When you feel depressed, your feelings are generally negative in all aspects of your life. This negative outlook makes you stop pursuing activities you love and being around people you care most about. You find it hard to concentrate, too. These are all signs that you are depressed and can benefit from counseling.


If you think about ways to self-harm or have already started doing so, you need to see a therapist right away. This is not just a clear sign that you are depressed. It also makes it more important that you receive the treatment you need to feel better. There are many reasons why people self-harm, such as to cope with overwhelming feelings. But this is never healthy and makes seeing a therapist a top priority.

Thoughts of Suicide

When feeling depressed, it is easy to develop romanticized thoughts of disappearing or fading away. But when thoughts of suicide transition from easily dismissed passing thoughts to viable options, it is critical that you seek support. 

As the saying goes, suicide is a permanent end to a very temporary condition. Depression is treatable and you can feel better with the right support. In fact, therapy can help you develop coping skills for a lifetime with less depression and more fulfilling happiness. You can get back to feeling hopeful and fully engaged in your daily life.

Depression Therapy in Raleigh, North Carolina

Greene Psychology Group of Raleigh, NC provides therapy for people suffering with depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions. Through therapy, you can overcome your depressed feelings and regain control over your happiness. If you find yourself asking, "Am I depressed," it is time to get the help you need to get back on track. Call Greene Psychology Group today at 919-205-5339 to schedule your in-person or virtual counseling session.

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