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Self Improvement

Greene Psychology Group in Raleigh, North Carolina provides self-improvement therapy to help you overcome barriers to achieving your life goals. We can provide methods of easing stress and improving self-esteem. We work with you as an individual to find relief from thoughts and behaviors that hold you back in life, opening doors to a better, more fulfilling future.

What is self-improvement therapy?

Self-improvement therapy is a type of counseling that helps you work through problems and find pathways to achieving your goals. We help you build awareness of the sensations, thoughts, emotions and behavioral patterns that govern your everyday living. Part of this work involves changing your inner voice from one of defeating negativity to objective positivity, helping you see your way through obstacles.
self improvement

All of us face struggles. But by paying attention to how you handle your struggles, you can learn new methods of coping and working toward things you want to achieve. You learn better self-awareness and understanding of who you are and what you need. Through better understanding, you gain empathy in your struggles and compassion for yourself. In turn, your motivation builds.

Self-Improvement Therapies

Self-improvement therapy is highly individualized. Your therapist learns more about you to understand what methods will work best for your unique situation. However, it is very important that you seek help through evidence-based practices. These are the healthiest approaches that bring proven results.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is one such evidence-based practice. CBT focuses on overcoming your negative thought patterns that hold you back in life. Research has proven the effectivity of CBT, so you can rely on this method to help you when you work with one of our licensed therapists. CBT helps you foster positive thinking for the changes you seek from your behaviors.

Keys to Your Self-Improvement

Your therapy has to be the right fit for you. It must be an approach proven to work for people experiencing the struggles you face. At Greene Psychology Group, we only use proven methods suited to your unique personality, culture, goals, obstacles and needs. All of this consideration goes into development of your unique treatment plan for self-improvement.

Besides being individualized, your self-improvement therapy must consider other key factors for your ultimate success. These factors include:

Self-improvement is not measurable without goal achievement. You must know what you want to achieve through an attainable goal. It should be one you feel compelled to achieve. While we all have our big dreams, goals for self-improvement start with small objectives toward that ultimate desire. The small achievements enable you to stay motivated.

Accountability is a major part of commitment to achieving your goals. Through your therapy, you learn to keep yourself accountable. At the same time, your therapist maintains a position as a partner in your accountability.

Plan for Obstacles
For any goal you have in life, you will face obstacles. This is an inevitable truth. But achievement comes from identifying these and developing a solid plan for overcoming them. In your therapy, you prepare for obstacles and learn coping skills to break through them. These skills help you with all of your goals in the future, too. Through therapy you open doors to increased achievement in all areas of your life.

Rewarding Yourself
Self-improvement incorporates rewarding yourself for your achievements and behaviors. After all, reaching your goals would feel pretty flat if you get nothing from accomplishing them.

In working with your therapist, you create a solid plan for your self-awareness. Together, you focus on improving the things that hold you back and developing pathways to change. These changes can include your ways of thinking and those thoughts' effects on your behaviors, such as through cognitive behavioral therapy. Changes are typically physical, cognitive and emotional.

Action Planning
For healthy self-improvement, you need a solid action plan. Otherwise, you have no clear pathway to goal achievement. Your therapist helps you create this plan using helpful strategies. Some of the strategies may include mindfulness, physical activity and changing your thoughts for better mental health.

Improved Optimism
Seeing a therapist for self-improvement automatically boosts your optimism. But your therapy continues along that thread. It helps you develop healthy ways of thinking about your goals and achieving them. You learn positive self-talk, self-awareness and mindfulness to develop your optimism.

Raleigh, North Carolina Self-Improvement Therapy

If you are struggling to achieve your life goals, you are no longer alone in your desire for self-improvement. You can trust the licensed therapists and other counselors of Greene Psychology Group in Raleigh, North Carolina to help you get unstuck and improve your life. We show you healthy pathways to achieving your life goals through evidence-based practices, accountability and other methods shown to affect real change. Start your journey today to enjoy the life you have long wanted. Call us to schedule your first telehealth appointment or in-person visit at 919-205-5339.
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