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How Professional Family Counseling in Raleigh Can Help Families Deal with Many Issues

Family Counseling in Raleigh Can Help Families Deal with Many Issues

Families come in many forms, and no two families are exactly alike. Every family has its own unique code for communication, boundaries and other important aspects in any relationship including those within a family unit. Sometimes, issues and problems may arise causing conflict in the home. Families can find expert family counseling services in Raleigh that can truly help.

Learn how effective and caring family counseling can help families deal with a multitude of relationship issues from one or more child's behavioral problems, a new mental health diagnosis, communication patterns that are hurtful and less than effective, a recent loss, changes in the family's financial situation, a move, addiction and many other common family relationship issues.

Some Families Have Deeply Buried Secrets and Dangerous Conflict Situations

Many individuals still follow their family's "code of silence" when it comes to revealing or confronting problematic behaviors and communication within the family unit. In decades past, this was a common issue, and many problems were simply not talked about or ignored. The stigma of shame, blame and other unhealthy emotions keep many families locked inside their turmoil. 

Domestic abuse situations can turn violent causing serious injuries and even death in the worst cases. However, even those unhealthy emotions that can arise can be debilitating and harmful. Those families in these situations need help in dealing with these conflicts. Emotional abuse can be detrimental to children and spouses. Fortunately, many families are finding out that family therapy can help break this vicious cycle.

A Compassionate Family Therapist Can Be a Safe Person and Place to Talk About Hard Things

Ideally, family counseling will involve all the family members together. However, some family members may be unwilling to get the help they need. In these cases, family counseling can still help immensely. A therapist can be a lifeline to safety and security in times of stress and conflict. 

An experienced family therapist can help by offering new strategies and coping skills so that a family member does not react with negative emotions when confronted with family conflicts within the home. This can aid children and teens too, as many kids feel overwhelmed and may not have the proper tools and coping skills to remain mentally and emotionally healthy. 

A Few Situations That May Be Helped by Undergoing Reliable Family Counseling

There are many situations that can become a challenge for families to face in a healthy manner. Some situations that may be helped with expert family counseling include the following:

  • Discord between parents or other family members
  • Addiction
  • Someone in the family battling an eating disorder
  • Self-harm behaviors
  • A child with undiagnosed or untreated learning disorders, ADHD or other behavioral issues impacting schoolwork
  • Someone in the family dealing with stress, depression, physical illness or a disability
  • A child facing bullying behaviors
  • A recent loss and grief 
  • Divorce or separation
  • Recent or pending move, job or financial change

There can be situations that are happy that can still negatively impact other family members. Examples include:

  • Blending two families together
  • Adoption, bringing in a foster child or a new birth in the family
  • Elderly grandparents moving in
  • Moving to a new home
  • Change of school or neighborhood
  • An older sibling going off to college
  • Extended family moving closer geographically

Some Key Goals of Family Counseling

Some positive goals of family therapy include identifying specific family patterns and issues, recognizing power dynamics in family relationships, addressing conflicts and developing key coping skills, better communication patterns and resolving family conflicts among many others.

Other goals include:

  • Learning how to respect each other's boundaries
  • Promoting better cohesion of the family relationships
  • Improving overall communication and problem-solving skills
  • Learning ways to build increased empathy and understanding of other family members
  • Reducing negative conflict by healthy conflict resolution strategies
  • Changing negative situations into positive learning experiences
  • Increasing and building positive support networks outside the home

Finding the Right Family Therapist in Raleigh

If you are thinking about family counseling, consider contacting the friendly and experienced psychotherapists at Greene Psychology Group via phone or by accessing online using our easy Contact form. Each therapist has their own special training, experience and therapy style. 

Take some time to review our website to learn more about our services and therapists. Read more informative blog articles on our site that are updated on a regular basis. We offer in-person therapy services and online therapy sessions too for added client convenience. Find out how beneficial family counseling or other therapy service can be today.

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