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How to Cope with Separation or Divorce

How to Cope with Separation or Divorce

Separation and divorce are two of the most difficult phases of any relationship. Separation is that time when you and your partner must thoughtfully and independently consider the status of your marriage and whether you want a divorce. Of course, divorce is that time when you have agreed that the marriage is over. 

Whether you are in a healthy relationship, considering break-up, setting out on your own in separation or healing from divorce, it is important to maintain good mental health. Relationship counseling can help you make logical, informed and insightful decisions as a couple. Individual therapy can also help, providing you with the chance to explore your individual needs with a confidential therapist.

Undoubtedly, marriage or other relationship dissolution is a hardship. Below, we explore some tips for getting through these difficulties for a healthier and happier future.

Seek Relationship Counseling

Before making the decision to separate or divorce, it is important to fully consider your options. Many relationships go through difficult times and can evolve and grow, as a result. Visiting with a relationship counseling professional can help you communicate with each other more productively toward conflict resolution and improvement. If the separation or divorce is imminent, relationship counseling also provides a safe place for making some hard decisions together.

Seek Individual Therapy

If you feel depressed or anxious about your relationship problems, it is okay to seek help on your own. In fact, this can be very good for your relationship and decision-making, as a whole. It is quite normal to feel alone, sad, angry, confused, frustrated and exhausted by relationship conflict. With the help of individual therapy, you can work through these feelings and develop coping skills to get you through what is ahead.

Take Good Care of Your Physical Health

Many people let themselves "go" when experiencing relationship problems. But you should take care of yourself physically while trying to maintain your normal daily routine. Ensure you eat right, exercise and get enough sleep each night. Avoid using alcohol, cigarettes or drugs as coping methods. Indulging in these ways will only create bigger problems.

Explore Your Own Interests

During times of intense mental or emotional stress, you need downtime. To help you relax and recharge for emotional balance and mental well-being, consider pursuing some of your own, individual interests. Try some activities you always wanted to explore like painting, team sports, running or hiking. 

Practice Positivity and Gratitude

Thinking positively may not sound easy during separation or divorce. But, maintaining a positive mindset and optimism toward the future is key for getting through your relationship problems more easily. With practice, you can make positive thinking and gratitude a big part of your everyday life. This practice can help you feel whole even during major life changes.

While Coping With Separation or Divorce - Be Considerate of the Children

If you have children going through the separation or divorce with you, it is important to consider their thoughts and feelings. Reassure them that the situation is not their fault and listen to their concerns. Maintain their routine as much as possible and keep discipline stable, as well. Ensure your kids know they can still rely on you, no matter what. Never involve the kids in the relationship conflict and do not speak ill of your spouse or partner in front of them.

If the children seem anxious, stressed or depressed because of the situational changes, seek individual therapy or family therapy for them. Counseling provides a safe place for kids to talk with a neutral third party, a therapist, who can help them work through their struggles. If the whole family is struggling, relationship counseling in the form of family therapy gives everyone an equal voice and a chance to feel heard. Family therapy can help you all work through your difficulties together.

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