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Kayla Ridings

Practice Administrator

Kayla Ridings is the Practice Administrator at Greene Psychology Group. She truly believes that the first encounter with someone is the most important. To that end, she always aims to create a positive, caring and warm atmosphere for those she interacts with in person and/or over the phone.

Kayla earned an Associate Degree in Applied Science for Medical Assisting and is credentialed through the American Association of Medical Assisting (AAMA). She has experience working in several specialties including family medicine, orthopedic medicine, OBGYN and mental health.

Kayla is always eager to learn and take on new tasks. She has worked in both clinical and administrative roles and while she enjoys both, administrative duties are her current focus. She works well independently or with others, possesses good communication and organizational skills, can multitask and is detail oriented. As the practice administrator, Kayla insists on welcoming each new and existing client with open arms, making them feel comfortable and compassionately cared for.


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