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Top Benefits of Virtual Therapy

Are you thinking about starting virtual therapy in North Carolina? Although this type of therapy is not entirely new, it has certainly grown in popularity in the past few years. The Covid-19 pandemic kept most of us in our homes and away from others, making virtual methods the best option for receiving many types of health care. As a result, teletherapy and online counseling are far more common than ever before. Now, virtual counseling is tried-and-true as one of your most viable options for receiving therapy when you need it.

Below, we explore some of the many benefits of virtual therapy. These insights can help you decide whether this method is right for you. Of course, if you do not think teletherapy is your ideal option, you can certainly pursue in-person therapy at Greene Psychology Group in Raleigh. We provide both online and in-person scheduling.

Easy Treatment for People Living in Rural Areas

If you live in rural North Carolina, driving can occupy a lot of your time. Whether driving to get groceries, to work, or even to a healthcare provider, distance = time. It can be complex, scheduling appointments around the drive-time and all of your other responsibilities. Thankfully, mental health treatment is more convenient for rural NC residents when delivered through virtual therapy.

Virtual therapy also opens up your options as far as the professionals providing your individual or family counseling. Instead of only having one or a few professionals to choose from in your immediate area, you can visit with a virtual therapist you prefer and trust. Because of the changing landscape of online healthcare, you can see a licensed therapist from across the state without ever leaving your home.

Top Benefits of Virtual Therapy

Online Therapy Offers Greater Accessibility for Everyone

People from all walks of life and all levels of ability can receive the therapy they need from a virtual provider. If you have disabilities or otherwise cannot leave your home, you no longer have to forgo treatment. Likewise, if you suffer mental health issues which make getting to the therapist difficult, virtual therapy makes getting help easier. Overall, teletherapy and online counseling are valuable options to regular psychotherapy in an office. You receive the same individualized and fully confidential quality of care.

Virtual Therapy Provides Convenience and Affordability for Everyone

Because you attend virtual therapy in the privacy of your own home, you can schedule the sessions according to your own convenience. This makes getting treatment much easier and much more affordable, too. At the same time, your insurance policy likely covers online counseling just as it does in-office appointments.

Costs are typically the same for virtual therapy vs. in-person counseling. But your associated expenses, such as taking time off from work, prove much lower through teletherapy. You also do not have to pay for transportation or fuel. 

More Options When Choosing Providers

Using the Internet for your virtual therapy means you have more options when choosing a therapist. You are not limited to finding someone within a small radius around your home, such as when you must drive to in-person counseling appointments. Instead, you can visit with almost any NC licensed therapist for virtual therapy within the state. This means that you can see a Raleigh area teletherapy provider whether you live on the coast, in Fayetteville, outside of the Triangle Area or even in western North Carolina. Being able to work with a therapist you trust, rather than being limited to one nearby, makes your whole experience more positive and productive.

Schedule Your Greene Psychology Group Virtual Therapy Session Today

Just about anyone can benefit from virtual therapy. Whether you just want better psychological health, have a diagnosed condition, seek family or couples counseling, or need help for your child, Greene Psychology Group is here to help. If you live in North Carolina, call us today at 919-205-5339 for teletherapy appointments or in-person treatment scheduling.

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